The Wacky Adventures of Psycho Setsuna
Completed as of April 14, 2000

This story is a combination of fine literature, extensive vocabulary, and character focuses that delve deep into the inner meanings of society and what it means to everyone as individuals.

Actually, it's just a spoof story with a lot of repeated jokes about cookies and green bananas. And moist towelettes. Read it if you like psycho humor that's VERY random. You can see who wrote each part, and evaluate Amethist and I separately if you'd like. Or together. We'd like feedback either way. ^_^

4/2/02: On that note, Amethist's e-mail has been updated and is finally correct. I'm thinking of doing some sort of anniversary thing for this story soon, since it hits its two-year mark in 12 days and it still fetches us e-mails of praise. Definitely one of the more popular fics on this site.

The Wacky Adventures of Psycho Setsuna

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*Sailor Moon and all its characters are copyright © Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha Ltd./Toei Animation, Co., Ltd. and the English adaptation is copyright © 1995 DIC productions, LP. This story is copyright © Lianne Sentar and Amethist Tomoe, March 2000.

*All brand-name products in this story (there are quite a few of them) are © their owners, and are used without permission.

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